Everyone should have CFA Election Ballots now. Please review these instructions…(one vote per lot)

  • Fill out your top 3 choices and cut where indicated.
  • Put completed ballot in smallest envelope, seal, and do not write on that envelope (this ensures your privacy).
  • Place that envelope inside the larger return envelope that is addressed to Tim Price, Notary Public.
  • Print your lot number (you may include address), your name, and sign where indicated (upper left corner of the envelope). Ballot envelopes must be signed to be counted.
  • Stamp that envelope and mail to Tim Price before 12/15/23. The ballots received will be tallied at the 12/21/23 Board Meeting.

If you make a mistake or have questions, call the CFA office Mon, Wed, Fri 8am-4:30pm at 209-533-4877.