Crystal Falls and Sonora Meadows (CFSM) Women’s Fire Auxiliary

The Crystal Falls and Sonora Meadows (CFSM) Women’s Fire Auxiliary was organized in the Autumn of 1972 with the help of the First President Margaret Peterson and Libby Wesson. At the request of Larry Reed, they gathered three other workers to set up a Boutique for fund-raising. Doris Marzlin, the 2nd President of the organization, helped put the Auxiliary on a firm and progressively healthy condition with the help of some Sonora Meadows women. A renowned artist Verna Baker and her husband, Ralph (both deceased), supplied a beautiful and efficient facility for the work of the Boutique in the early days of the Auxiliary. CFSM Women’s Fire Auxiliary is now 46 years of service and carries the theme “Small but Mighty”. It is an organization of women who help and support Station 56 and Station 57 of Tuolumne County Fire Department. The Auxiliary’s main purpose is to raise money through fundraising to support our volunteer firefighters to purchase equipment that is not supplied by the county. In 2012, the CFSM Women’s Fire Auxiliary has purchased a Thermal Imaging Camera. The group is looking forward to continue their service and serve as a helping hand for our volunteer firemen who lay their lives on the line for our safety. The CFSM Women’s Fire Auxiliary meets on the second Tuesday of each month in the Crystal Falls Association’s Clubhouse at 11:00 am and always potluck. Guest and prospective members are always welcome. For more information, you may contact Marife Wood at 209-768-4444, email us at, or visit the Crystal Falls and Sonora Meadows (CFSM) Women’s Fire Auxiliary Facebook group.