Come and Get You Some Wood! Click here for details…

As you know, trees come down in our community. A chainsaw, a vehicle to carry and labor are required to get your wood bin filled. To be fair, we propose a text and/or email list for those Members who want to be contacted when a tree-down is available for the taking.

All Members who contact the office (email, phone, or in person) on Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays and sign a “Release of Liability” form may be on a list.

People on the “have chainsaw, will buck” list will be contacted with a location when a tree is available. This is a first come basis. If two or more show up, be fair, cut at opposite ends of the tree. The tree will be available for about a week, after which it may be removed by other methods.

If you do not have a chainsaw or bucking skills, we plan another list for “carry ready” wood when that becomes available. Email us at and specify which list you want to be on.